Without any doubt to keep your business or professional practice relevant in today's world you must have a website.

JLH Web Designs helps keep your business or professional practice relevant in today's world by building custom websites that render well on both mobile devices and desktops.

JLH Web Designs employs one of the three most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and Responsive Design to ensure that your website is easy to maintain and is suitable for mobile devices of all sizes and screen resolutions. The three most popular CMS's are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Hand coded One-page static websites are also offered at very low cost to those that need a presence on the Internet but do not want to incur the cost of a complete website.

Hosting, with integrated support and domain name registration, is offered at a nominal fee so you will have no worries.

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[item title="Domain Name Registration"]Domain Image. Domain Name Registration is the first step towards having a web presence. Generally, it cost less than $20.00 a year to register a domain name. Domain name registration is included as part of our support and maintenance. However, if you prefer, the domain name can be registered to you and you will have complete control over it.

A domain name stays with the website -- even if it is moved from one server to another, from one Internet Service Provided (ISP) to another. You loose a domain name only if you fail to renew it when the registration period expires. A domain name can be registered for multiple years and it can be set to automatically renew a little before the expiration date.

[item title="Web Development"]Wheel Website Design Process. Web development is the centerpiece of a web presence. The decisions made at this stage will have a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of your website.

And, there are many decisions to be made; ranging from colors to layout (theme or template) to menus to content. And, of course, the choice of a CMS must be made.

The design of a website needs to be a collaborative effort between the client and the developer. Therefore, we will meet with you to determine your needs and preferences. We will then use that information to start building the website.

It generally takes from 1 to 2 weeks to have a new WordPress or Joomla website ready to go online. It takes somewhat longer to develop a Drupal website.

This process includes adding your website to Google Analytics and obtaining the Google Analytics tracking code that is then embedded within within every page of your website. This allows Google to track the activity on your website and provide the reports that show many metrics of how your website is doing.

[item title="One Page Website"]Elegant Weddings Image. The One-Page website is an ideal solution for the new startup or small business that wants a presence on the Internet at a very low cost. For a development cost of only $300.00 and a monthly hosting and support fee of $10.00 an individual, professional office, or small business can have a place on the Internet.

The One-Page website is hand coded and will have your business information and a Google Map. It is designed to satisfy your needs and provide customers, and potential customers, with the essential information. It can optionally have a synopsis of your business, a listing of your staff, your operating hours, links to important web Pages, and several photos. It is not uncommon for a One-Page business website to get hundreds of views each month.

We will meet with you to cover all aspects of what information is needed on a One-Page website and then develop the One-Page website to satisfy your needs.

To get a One-Page website, call us today at (828) 693-1445. Or, submit the 'Request a Quote' Form and we will contact you.

If you would be willing to invest $500.00, a 3 Page website can be produced that would have:

1. Home / About Us Page
2. Products / Services Page
3. Locate Us Page (location, address, map)

This would be a static site that would have no forms and no means of user input. In other words, it would be a one-way path from the server to the client (browser) and the user would not be able to send any information back to the server.

However, it would be responsive and therefore mobile friendly.

To get a 3-Page website, call us today at (828) 693-1445. Or, submit the 'Request a Quote' Form and we will contact you.

[item title="Hosting and Support"]Hosting Image. The following information does not apply to a One-Page website.

To accommodate the budgets and needs of startup companies and to better match cost to benefits (the accounting concept of matching revenues to expenses), a web development assignment includes 1 year of support and maintenance at no additional cost. Thereafter, there is a monthly fee that includes 30 minutes of updates and changes per month. The fee is generally $25.00 per month.

Our peers might say that the first year of maintenance and support is free. But, we both know that it is built into the initial development costs.

[item title="Google Analytics"]

Google is the Word!

Naturally, you want your website to place high on the Google SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

Therefore, JLH Web Designs registers your website with both Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. And, then monitors the analytics to help prevent hacks and ensure proper performance.

Any issues detected and reported by Google are addressed and resolved in a timely manner -- ensuring that your site is performing to its full potential with search engines.

JLH Web Designs also offers training on using Google’s analytical tools to those that want to understand what goes on behind the curtain. A custom report can be produced and sent to the client on a periodic basis. However, most clients prefer to attend to their business and allow JLH Web Designs to attend to their website; keeping it humming along at optimum performance.

Google Analytics

Google has had as much impact on the Internet as Microsoft has had on the desktop. Google has become the center of the Internet; leaving Yahoo and Bing in it's dust.

The central part that Google has served in the Internet world is that of a Search Engine. It is also a major force in setting standards and effecting the direction that the Internet takes. An example is the AMP Project that was begun by Google.

Google provides many free tools and one of the most important ones is that of Google Analytics. This tool allows web designers and site owners to monitor the health and performance of a website. Traffic can be monitored using many matrices. It provides valuable information in many forms, including how visitors found your website. Did your visitors find your website through a Google Search -- or did they come from some other place? And, what was that place?

What key phrases were used? In what city and country are your visitors located? What browser or mobile device were they using? And, so on.

Google Analytics is an essential part of every Website developed by JLH Web Designs and the Google Analytics Tracking Code is embedded within every page of every website that we build.

Google Analytics can provide the information needed to set up an effective Adwords Campaign.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a tool that allows you to bid on a list of keywords that will present an ad for your website whenever someone clicks. This tool is know as Pay-Per-Click (PPC). You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. You set a maximum, or cap, on the amount of money you are willing to spend in a specific time period and once expended the process is halted until the next time period arrives.

The effectiveness of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) depends upon how well it is set up -- and upon the competition. It is a lot like an auction. Your purchase price depends upon how much someone else (your competitor) is willing to bid (spend). Don't ever accuse Google of not being smart. This approach ensures that Google gets to sell Pay-Per-Click to the highest bidder.

When someone in your area searches for a service or product, your listing can be shown towards the top of the search page; depending upon the particular price point.

JLH Web Designs can help with your Google Adwords campaign. We can help you in designing a strategy that fits your budget and provides the best value in achieving your goals. This campaign can be effective in achieving a call-to-action whether it be a sale, a phone call, an email message, a contact form, or a file download -- or whatever your goal might be.

[item title="Internet Consulting"]Hand Shake Image. Need some independent advice? Not sure the best direction to take? Don't understand Google Analytics?


JLH Web Designs provides personal consulting, mentoring, and tutoring at reasonable rates.

Call us at (828) 693-1445 for answers to your questions. Or, submit the 'Request a Quote' Form and we will contact you. The first 30 minutes are free. Thereafter, an hourly rate will apply.

[/item] [item title="Migration"]

WordPress   Long Arrow.   Joomla

You have tried WordPress and it is not doing the job for you. So, you now want to migrate to a CMS that has a completely different structure and is fundamentally different in operation and behavior. We can help! Call us at (828) 693-1445 or submit the 'Request a Quote' Form and we will contact you.

Joomla  Long Arrow.   WordPress

Or, if you currently have a Joomla website and have decided to give WordPress a try. JLH Web Designs can help you migrate your Joomla website to a WordPress site.

Given that the functionality and operation of the two CMS's are different, a one hundred percent migration is not feasible. But the vast majority of your content can be moved from one platform to the other. Call us at (828) 693-1445 for a free consultation. Or, submit the 'Request a Quote' Form and we will contact you.

HTML  Long Arrow.   WordPress or Joomla

Do you have a static, HTML website that you would like to modernize and put into a modern CMS? We can help! Call us at  (828) 693-1445 for a free consultation. Or, submit the 'Request a Quote' Form and we will contact you.

Abandoned Website?

Have a business website that has been abandoned by the developer. Want to explore your options. We can help! Call us at (828) 693-1445 or submit the 'Request a Quote' Form and we will contact you. [/item]

[item title="Search Engine Optimization (SEO)"]SEO Image Magnify. Most of our contacts come from a Google search. A search is effective when the search phrase entered by the person matches a phrase within your website.

JLH Web Designs does analysis on keyword usage and incorporates the findings into the design of each website that we build. Selecting and properly using the appropriate "key phrases" within your website will help you place higher in the Search Engine Results; generally known as the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). The difference between being found on the Internet and being obscure can be the difference between success and failure.

As one example, enter "Fun things to in Brevard, NC" into a Google search and you will find one of our websites, Brevard NC Visitors, in the top half of the page -- or, as others might say, "In the top ten".

Many of our peers confuse SERP's with Google's Page Ranking. However, the two are entirely different and Google advises web developers to not be concerned with Page Rank.

SEO involves a lot more than just "key phrases". For example, Google released an algorithm update in 2015 that assigned a stronger "SEO Signal" to websites that are responsive. Responsive simply means the website's content scales in a way that is optimized for viewing on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, from a SEO viewpoint, you are better off with a responsive website than one that is not responsive.

In addition, Google has also included in the updates a new matrix that measures the speed, and especially the loading speed (how long does it take for the first page to be rendered) for a website. Therefore, from a SEO viewpoint, you are better off with a fast website than with a slow website. That means paying attention to the many things that can slow down a website -- like the number and size of photographs, the amount of JavaScript that has to be loaded, the number of files that have to be loaded, the number of trips that have to be made to servers, and superflous content on a page that adds no value. Google has said that "lean and fast" is better than "fat and slow".

All web developers are taught to consider performance. But, as soon as they are out of school, they tend to succumb to the call of the plugins, widgets, gadgets, and extensions sirens. Making a website "fancy", "jazzy" or adding some "wow" factor to it becomes more important than performance and search engine placement. A potential client can see the "wow" factor. But, a potential client cannot see the performance factor.

One solution to the performance of websites has been AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). The AJAX group of technologies allows portions of a webpage to be loaded, or re-loaded, as needed rather than loading an entire page. The most common example of this is Facebook.

[item title="Mobile Devices"]Mobile Phone Image. Google released an algorithm update in 2015 that assigned a stronger "SEO Signal" to websites that are responsive. Responsive simply means the website's content scales in a way that is optimized for viewing on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets.

About 40-50 percent of all Internet access now comes from a mobile device. If your website is not optimized for mobile, then you are missing out on 40-50 percent of your potential customers or clients.

To see the effect of Responsive Design, open a website in a large window that is not full screen; say the standard 1024x768 in size. Then grab the right side margin and drag it to the left to make the window narrower. Notice how the content scales itself and re-positions itself to make it readable in smaller windows. At certain widths, images and graphics may overflow the margins, but at the widths that are common in today's mobile devices, the results are generally neat and tidy.

[item title="Photography"]photographer 165x148As experience photographers, Jim and Carol can produce photos of professional quality -- and they can most likely produce all the photos needed for your website -- and the photos will be good!

For sample photos, see the Facebook albums.

[item title="Networks"]You have a small business network and don't know the difference between a router and a switch -- or IP4 vs. IP6? You need to re-configure your network or add additional equipment or nodes and don't know where to begin? Give us a call at (828) 693-1445. Or else, submit the 'Request a Quote' Form and we will contact you.[/item] [/accordion]
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