How to install a local web server:

I will be showing how to install a local web server on a PC Monday evening. If you wish to follow along, step-by-step, I would suggest downloading a copy of either WampServer (for Windows) or XAMPP (for OSX) before Monday evening. The files are about 200 MB is size – and the links are provided below.

A local server can offer many advantages over having to have a remote server:

o) It can allow you to install and evaluate a different CMS without having to establish a remote setup. You can evaluate Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, or any other common CMS simply by installing it on a local computer. No ISP is involved.

o) Neither an Internet connection nor an ISP is required for web development.

o) It is an excellent means to start development of a new website before you are ready to go live with it.

o) It is an excellent way to test major changes to a website without messing with a live site; including major releases and extensions under consideration.

o) It makes backup and recovery easy and fast.

o) If kept current, the local copy of a website serves as a backup for the remote site. Once a remote site and a local site are in sync, it is easy to keep the two in sync following these steps:

1) Apply the same updates to both -- using Update from the Web.

2) Transfer any new photos or images from one to the other using FileZilla.

3) Transfer any changes to the user.css file using FileZilla.

Just be sure to keep straight which site is the Primary site and which site is the Clone site. In other words, always make content changes on the Primary site and then transfer a new copy of the database, using Akeeba Backup and PHP MyAdmin Import, to the clone site.

o) A local web server can be either slower or faster than a remote server, depending upon hardware and Internet connections. On a LAN, one computer can be the server and one, or more, computers can be the client(s).

o) If you have many photos, it is easier to do photo processing and insertion on a local site and then upload to a remote site.

o) Remember that Windows is not case sensitive and Linux/Unix is case sensitive. So, be consistent with case: J410.jpg is not the same file as j410.jpg.


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