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o keep your business, or professional practice, relevant in today's world , you need a website.


Websites today are as important as print advertising was in the past. Today, websites far surpass print advertising in their ability to deliver current and relevant information, establish relationships with customers or clients, and promote your business in a professional cost-effective manner. Generally, a combination of web marketing, with some print marketing, is the best solution for many businesses.


An effective website will be both visually appealing and highly functional. It can increase sales, raise awareness, and help you build solid relationships with your visitors, customers, or clients. A website will give you a competitive edge over your competition -- or allow you to remain on an even playing field with the competition that already has a website -- even when your competition is a much larger organization.


But don't delay. It takes about a year for a website to mature and reach its potential. While there are many factors (experts say around 200) that effect search engine rankings, search engines take into account the age of a website, and those over a year old are given more credibility than those that are a few months old. Older is better. If you are currently paying for a yellow page advertisement, redirect some of the money to a well developed, visually appealing, and highly functional website and your return on your investment ought to increase significantly, if not dramatically.

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One of the major reasons for the improvement in ROI is the visual appeal of a website. The use of graphics, images, and photos in vivid color catches the eye much quicker than black ink on yellow paper. Another major reason is the dynamic nature of a website. It can be updated daily, if needed, to reflect changes in product, staff, location, phone number, hours, specials, and other pertinent information useful to the consumer. Also, the interactive nature of a website can involve the consumer in a manner much more personable than black ink on yellow paper.


Because of the dynamic nature of a website, it will need to be maintained. Changes in staff, products, announcements, hours of operation, and policy will need to be incorporated as change occurs. Adding new links and pertinent information, as it becomes available, can keep your website fresh, up-to-date, and relevant as well as maintain favorable search engine rankings. As part of our standard packages, JLH Web Designs includes 30 minutes of routine maintenance each month.

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